Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tuna Salad Bowl My Way

For the last year or so I have been making my sandwiches (when I make them at home) on Ezekiel Sprout Grain Bread. I normally get the orange label, I have tried the low sodium but it doesn't taste the same to me. While in the healthy aisle at the grocery store I saw Ezekiel tortillas and decided to try them. Normal tortillas are high in carbohydrates and if I keep them in the house my husband can't help but make himself wraps until they are all gone. I refuse to buy them because he is diabetic and they spike his blood sugar more then most other foods. Anyway, today I tried the Ezekiel tortilla for lunch by making tuna salad in a tortilla bowl. Ezekiel tortillas are bought and stored frozen so I heated the one up in a frying pan with the slightest bit of cooking spray. It only took a minute or so until I could smell a sweet, warm scent coming from the frying pan. As soon as the tortilla heated up it filled my home with the most amazing aroma, which made me more eager to try it. I loved every bite of my salad bowl, even the tortilla alone was great! For anyone looking for an alternative to white or wheat bread I would definitely recommend trying the Ezekiel products. I first read about them in the Paelo diet book I picked up and have been eating the bread ever since. Now that I found the tortillas I won't by a wrap when I can make a better tasting one.
My Tuna Salad Recipe

1 small can of tuna in water
1/2 cucumbers peeled and diced
1/4 cup white beans
.5 oz of dried cranberries 
1 tsp. reduced fat mayo (you may find you don't need as much each time you make it my goal is    eventually none at all)
1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar 
dash of salt
a few dashes of cayenne pepper (to taste I like it a little spicy)
a handfull of leafy green salad

After I heating the tortilla I put it in a ceramic bowl to hold the shape of the bowl.
For the tuna salad I mix everything except the salad in a separate bowl. Then I line the tortilla bowl with the handful of salad and top it all off with the tuna salad. You can add additional ingredients or a dash more of vinegar if you would like. I find that the cayenne pepper spices the entire salad up while the cranberries add some sweetness to the mixture. I love the sweet and spicy combination!

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