Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Finding Time

It has been a tough week so far. After exercising each weekday for the last 3 weeks while teaching summer camp elective in the afternoon we have switched groups and started at very basic, beginning levels again so a solid hour of doing Yoga went to about 15 minutes. Zumba hasn't happened at all this week due to "movie" afternoon and a trip tomorrow. Good news is I walked around a boat for a few hours on our fishing trip today and will be walking in the sand tomorrow so I guess that counts as some exercise. I am hoping to get motivated after work and do some on my own after our camp class so I can really put more effort into it but being in the sun all day has really wiped me out. I will however, try again tomorrow, and if all else fails for the week I can always kick it up and do more over the weekend.

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